Care for something “Thai”?

On the night of October 26, 2018 we celebrated our 1st year Anniversary at this restaurant called Lime and Basil. Situated in Tagaytay City, Philippines – just a few minutes from where we are staying.

We have been eyeing this for the longest time in Zomato, just too lazy to check it out before, but now here it is!

Place is well lit but not too bright, just right. Warm lights mostly. 

The place is huge, classical setting and they have this garden where they pick up all their fresh herbs produce from.


It is gorgeous dining here at night, open ground can also be used as a function place for weddings, anniversaries and other occasion that needs a good amount of space for guests.

Romantic setting, we had the entire garden dining area for ourselves!


Their menu is fully Thai, no fusion with Pinoy favorites. The selection is a lot too, prices are not that steep.

Their classic Pad Thai, a single plate is good for 2 to 3 persons. 

Here is what I have been waiting for:

Green chicken curry, this is the spiciest curry they got –  server said. 

Here comes the foursome bad boys:

Soft shell crabs in savory sauce. So flavourful, I could only finish one crab. 

I really loved that green chicken curry and my girlfriend really enjoyed the soft shell crab. The curry however is a bit oily for me, I was about to order a cup of white rice but had to cancel as the servings of each dish is good for more than 2 people.

We paid around $27.00 for all three dish, not bad at all for a restaurant with an amazing ambience, not to mention the cool breeze as it is located in Tagaytay.

For more information about Lime and Basil or for reservations, check their Facebook page out:

Thanks for dropping by! Till then!








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