Cake in a cup

It’s been a while since my last entry, been busy but now im back!

A couple of hours ago, I received a very special treat from Carrie’s Creations. Cupcakes!

Oreo cheesecake

Look at how beautiful it sits on the palm of my hand.

One bite is all it takes to know how delicious it is. What I like about it is its not too sweet and its kinda light for a cupcake that is packed with flavours.

Ube creamcheese.. This is “Divine” 

Now this one is a winner, im not really into ube(purple yam) but this one is an exception. Same as with the oreo cheesecake, very light and sweetness is not overpowering. I had my colleagues taste it and they shared the same feedback.

Can’t get enough of the Ube Creamcheese 😭

This is best to pair with your favorite cup of joe or tea. Tried it with the usual Twinings tea and I really enjoyed it more than by itself.

The cake is not springy or spongy. It is very moist which I think is the best trait of this quality made cupcake.

There’s this one time when I first tasted a red velvet cupcake with creamcheese filling somewhere in Megamall(Philippines), just one bite and I couldn’t believe how amazingly piquant it was and I didn’t notice that I was smiling(true story). This cupcake reminds me of that experience, honest.

Much love and shout out to Carrie’s Creations for sending me a box of this wonderful cakes in a cup!

You can check Carrie’s Creations on Facebook!

Till then! Thanks for stopping by!


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