Sunny Dandy

June 23rd, 2018. Just a day after my Birthday we went to Lilom beach resort and snorkeling site in Anilao Batangas Philippines. It is roughly a 3 hour drive from Tagaytay and about 4 hours from Manila.

When we got there, an attendant picked us up at the parking area and just a few minutes of walking down to the beach, you get to see this:

It is not with fine sands but lots of corals excellent for snorkeling
Can’t beat the sound of crashing waves

Now here is where we stayed

The entrance is just a few feet away from the beach.

We were given complimentary fresh calamansi juice the moment we entered the site. The attendants are all locals of Batangas, very friendly and kind folks.

Now here is where we stayed for the night, our room called “Tuko” or “Gecko”

You get a porch with hammock. Imagine waking up and drinking their Batangas blend coffee while scanning the beachfront..
The bedroom is good for 3 people, it is fully airconditioned. A private restroom, emergency light and fan already included.
We are at peace at this place.

Now other than the beach, place and the room what is really amazing is their.. Food! They serve all you can eat from breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not only that, merienda or snacks are also given.. Not to mention you also get their cocktail drinks and unlimited brewed coffee.. The bomb right?

For merienda, we got ourselves a bowl of ginataan halo halo. Its a mixture of plantains, sweet potatoe, squash in coconut. Amazingly good! Pair it with their hot coco and boy… A delightful of flavors bursting in your mouth.
You also get their cocktail with a little bit of alcohol in it, id say its gin or vodka. A bowl of toasted bread. Tomatoes, onions and garlic mix for dipping.

We tried snorkeling at around 4 in the afternoon, sadly we did not bring any action camera with us. It was lowtide that time, a lot of fish is already swimming around just near the shore. Given there is a lot of corals, man the fishes were everywhere. I even saw a sea snake which made my heart skipped a beat because it was just a few meters away from me when i dunk my head under the water, talk about nervousness level to the maximum! πŸ˜‚

Now the moment i have been waiting for, the golden hour..

Now this is legendary..

They also have small dipping pools that you can just soak into when you are done snorkeling and just want to appreciate the majestic view of the beach.

Dip into one of the pools with an ice cold beer, nuff said.

Now here is what the place looks like in the evening.

They have 7 rooms in total.

At 10am next day we had to pack our bags and get ready for checkout at 11am. Breakfast is served from 7am to 10am. We had pancakes, fried rice, corned beef with potatoes and scrambled eggs and of course, brewed coffee.

Some shots of the beach:



Our entire stay at Lilom was very good. The people were so friendly and the food was so amazingly delicious. I forgot to ask the attendant the name of the cook because im really satisfied with the food they served.

An overnight stay will just cost you 6,000 pesos that is good for two. That is just like $110. It includes all you can eat breakfast, lunch, dinner. Merienda/Snacks in the afternoon, unlimited brewed coffee, cocktail drinks and free use of their snorkeling gear if you don’t own one. They also serve beer for 50 pesos a pop($1). Not bad! Not bad at all!

If you guys are interested in visiting the place, check out their website and you can make a reservation online:

Well, that is our story for our Lilom Getaway in Batangas! More adventures to come!

Thanks for reading!


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