The day I became a monster.. πŸ˜‚

June 22nd, 2018 – The day I became a monster, food monster that is.

It is my Birthday today, yeah it is and its not easy being 3_ years old πŸ˜‚. You get that tingly feeling that you are about to hit that oldie wall.. Hard.

So here we are at Vikings SM MOA in Pasay City Philippines, filling our stomach with goodness from Valhalla.

They have a birthday promo, birthday celebrants gets to eat for free on the day of their birthday(must have 1 full paying adult). I am with my GF so I only had to pay for her meal, good deal right?! (Birthday celebrants get to eat for free for the whole month as long as there is 4 full paying adult with the celebrant).

Here is my first half plate, leg of lamb plus smoked turkey on biryani rice

Now here are some pictures of the food that you get to choose from.

Japanese counter, sushi and sashimi
Some stuff for local desserts


A nice selection of bread and pastries.
The good old tukneneng (duck eggs in batter)Β 
The infamous kwek kwek, quail eggs in batter

I didn’t bothered taking photos of other food stations because the place was packed, we were there at lunch time.

Now this is my first full plate 🍽️

And here is my second and my last plate (I got full after having their banana shake, bad move but all worth it)

We have here Tapas,Β  spicy mushrooms, squid, lechon and beef with mashed potatoesΒ 

I received a complimentary birthday cake too!

Too bad we were too full to finish this so we had to have it wrapped for take home.Β 
They have this cute and artsy cake box for your birthday cake slice.Β 

One more thing, they also have a fridge where you can get beer in cans and in bottle(mostly taiwan beer and tiger beer) just like the one below:

We grabbed ourselves four of these bad boys and tugged it into our bag… Ssshhh.. Don’t tell anyone.. Taking out beer is not allowed so you gotta move fast πŸ˜‚

I only had to pay 745 pesos (around $14) for 1 seat and I get to eat for free, not bad eh?.

Anyhow, food was great and place is nice.

Checkout their website to get information on their buffet prices and promos:

Watch out for our Batangas trip! I will be posting it a week from now. Here is a teaser of what the place looks like:

images (26)

Well, thanks for dropping by! Till then!


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