Taal Batangas Church

It has been a busy week for us after our visit to Caleruega church in Batangas. Going back to Tagaytay, had enough time to go back to Batangas, this time we check out.. Taal Church.

It is quite big, biggest in Asia they say.

Taal Basilica is considered the largest Church in the Philippines and in Asia. It is Standing at 291 feet and 157 feet wide, this piece of architectural genius is also known as Basilica of Saint Martin of Tours.

Impressive, isn’t it?

It has been founded way back 1572, looking at how it still stands is just amazing.

Front shot of Church

The inside is just huge, ceiling is really high and the artwork is something that you can’t stop staring at.

I failed to take a picture of the ceiling, thinking about what people would think of me if I keep on taking a picture inside the Church.

Before we even get inside, a kid offered us a bundle of candle. People say that when you light it up and make a wish, it will come true.

The wish candle I would say..
This reminds me of the film, “The Craft”

There is also a part inside the church where you can light up small candles.

When I looked at this, it made me contemplate about life šŸ˜‰

So what is best thing to do after churchin’? EAT! just a few steps outside there is a Lomi house waiting for you.

Ala eh! Lomihan sa plaza

Lomi or Pancit Lomi is a Filipino dish wherein fresh egg noodles are cooked in lye water to give it more texture and that thick sauce.

It contains a lot of toppings from sliced boiled eggs, tapa(beef strips) kikiam(sausage type) chicharon(fried pork skin).

This is one big bowl of Lomi that is good for two people.

We paired it up with their home made pork siomai (pork dimsum) and the result? Exquisite!

This for only 80 pesos ($1.57)

Everything about the small town of Taal looks great. The Church, old fashioned houses and of course their food.

So there you have it, our second Churchin for the month of January, complete! Planning to visit more old churches within the Philippines so stay tuned!


As always – All photos were taken by us and only us.



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