Caleruega Church

Its been a while since the last time I set foot inside a Church. Me and my girlfriend never had a chance to visit a Church together.

2 days ago, finally we visited Caleruega Church just outside Tagaytay – in Nasugbu Batangas.

Nasugbu, just around 20 minutes away from Tagaytay.

The path leading to Caleruega is no easy task for vehicles. It is bumpy and dusty I would say.

Took us just 15 minutes to get to the Church from the Nasugbu Arch.

At the entrance you will need to pay 30 pesos ($0.60) for what they say “Maintenance Fee”

The place is solemnly divine, peaceful and deep in my gut I can feel that.. Serenity.

This leads to a series of staircases that will get you to the Church.
A number of halls available for events.
Lanters scattered all over the place.


Here it is.. Caleruega Church. Majestic..

When we entered, I felt this somekind of spirit lifting sensation or whatever its called or maybe I was just being emotional 😊

Here is the inside of the Church..


It’s a great feeling visiting the Church once in a while, eventhough I am not a devout catholic I still need to believe into something, right?

Perfect time to end the evening.. Sunset..

So that’s it for Caleruega Church in Batangas! Before I end this entry, check out the Batangas porridge and Batangas soup we ordered from one of the local eatery along the Hi-Way

Batangas Lugaw (Porridge)
Batangas Goto

They are both awesome, I dig the batangas goto over the lugaw. Sweet and salty soup and the meat were really tender.

Thanks for reading!

Up next.. San Rafael River Adventure! (A bit overdue but its happening!)


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